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What's haappening today, tomorrow and next month at Mem. Pres. in Assumption Illinois
Activities at Mem. Pres. including Sunday School, Christmas Programs and more
Read the latest from the Pastor of Memorial Presbyterian Church in Assumption, IL
  • Virtual Tours are 360 Degree Navigable Images.  With your mouse, you can "look" at the view of your choice.  These images are created with IPIX software and high-resolution digital cameras.  To navigate the images, place your mouse cursor on the picture and it will change to either a hand, or arrows.  The hand or 4-way arrows allow you to control the rotation of the image.  The 2-way diagonal arrows and the plus and minus signs allow you to zoom in or out on the picture.  

  • The Low and Medium Resolution images are viewable in virtually every browser and require the shortest download times (approximately 30-40 seconds on a 28K modem).  

  • The High Resolution version is the highest quality image, but does require the download and installation of the IPIX plug-in.  It is a simple process, but I would recommend that you first check out the low and medium resolution images.

  • Want more information on how to add a virtual tour/picture to your web site.  Send an email to AgPage, or call 888-891-8475 for more information. Home | About Us | Events | Church Life
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303 N. Locust
Assumption Illinois, 62510
Phone:(217) 226-4202
Pastor: Tom Mulch
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