2018 January & February News Letter

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Congregational Life Shared

Upcoming Events:

01/13/18 – Presbyterians in charge of Food


01/14/18 – 2nd Sunday Potluck

01/14/18 – Session meets

01/22/18 – Cakes to Good Samaritan

01/28/18 – Annual Congregational Meeting



01/07 Elvira Gray

01/14 Jackie Dooley

01/21 John Mitsdarffer

01/28 Debbie Mulch

02/04 Cindy Jones

*****************************************************January Birthdays & Anniversaries

01/12 Phil Corzine              01/28 Kent Kuhle

01/28 Kassie Landry      01/30 Lesia Adcock

01/31 Janice Varner


Every time you tear a

 leaf off a calendar,

you present a new place

for new ideas

and progress.


                     Charles Kettering

Prayer List

Cancer Patients

Ashley Burnett, Gary Dooley, Cathy Stevenson, Carol Western, Mary Himes, Sam Jennings, Dr. Jeffrey Pfeiffer, Megan Bugg, Dennis Smith, Laura Allen, Tyler Henderson, Brian Pinkston, Debbie Banning, Perry Barnes, Cade Wegoner, Joyce Adcock, Michael Garner,

McKinley Turner, Eric Swigert, Bill Pinkston, Carla Suhrbier, Ken Bradbury, Mandy Myers, Don Butler, Jack Herbert

Prayer of Concern

Marilyn Gardiner, Celeste King, Bob Jostes, Rev. Ken Bryant, Thomas Christiansen, Rev. Tom Compton, Kay Jennings, Amanda Ashby, June Wildman, Jim Wemple, Rita Wempen, Pat Craft, The Kent Bugg Family, Andy Voytko, Robert Mulch, Cyrus Smith, Camden Ritchie, Sondra Bugg, Larry Warnick, Bob Adcock, Jim Stoddard, Jean Nicol, Bud Kuhle, Pastor Tom Mulch, Bob Brackett, Pauline Throneburg, Shane Workman


Attendance – (12/31/17) – ??


January 7th Communion – (Elements)

Bob Adcock, Rick Gray


Food Pantry Needs:   Flour, Sugar, Applesauce, Peanut Butter, Potatoes, Canned Pineapple, Pasta Sauce, Vegetable Soup, Tomato Soup


Annual Congregational Meeting will be January 28 this year.  Please have all reports for the booklet to the office by January 14 so booklets can be ready by January 21.  Thanks!!







, Larry Warnick, Don Butler, Sondra Bugg, Tom Mulch, Jean Nicol & Bud Kuhle have all had physical problems in the last few months.  “I attend to God’s Word and submit to His sayings, I will keep them in my sight, and in the center of my heart.  They are life to me and healing to my whole body.”  Proverbs 4:20-22







     We participated in the Festival of Trees that was held at the Assumption Public Library in November.  Jody Mink purchased it for her sister, Jean Nicol.






     I think we all enjoyed the Cantata and the Millikin students who made the music so special this year.  Alaina Frederick and the 4 students she brought with her will be back with us at the end of January.







     The Christmas Joy Offering taken up on December 24th enables you and our congregation to assist current and former church workers and their families in times of critical need, and support the education and development of future leaders through the ministry of Historically Presbyterian Racial Ethnic schools and colleges.  The total offering received on December 24th was $340.00.




     Thanks to all folks who come to help at the Food Pantry when our turn comes around.  The van is a big help getting food from the Central Illinois Food Bank.  Marvin and Shirley Freeman from Mt. Pleasant Church of God take their truck and Michael Garner’s trailer to the Midwest Food Bank once a month.  We still have to purchase some things and Mary Bradshaw purchases food from Aldi’s or wherever she can get a good price.  Heather Ludwig is the Treasurer and Laura Mentzer and Pam Jackson are helping a lot and are making some of the decisions that are needed to be made.  I am still going on Saturdays when I can.  We average about 20 families each week.


                                                              Phyllis Warnick






     We are not having a PW Meeting in January but we will start up again in February.  February 13 will be our next meeting.  Elvira Gray will be the hostess and Sondra Bugg will lead Lesson #5.  All of our Bible studies have been about community.

     We hosted the World Community Day on November 3.

     On February 3, The Presbytery of Southeastern Illinois Presbyterian Women will be planning the Spring Gathering which will be held April 4, 2018.






     Remember to put on your calendar our volunteer work day on the 1st Tuesday of each month.  Also, on the 4th Monday, we take baked cakes, cookies, or muffins to Good Samaritan Inn.  Since Good Samaritan gave us icing you may bring your uniced cakes and we can ice them on Sunday mornings.  Mt. Pleasant also sends people to volunteer with us.  The Catholic Church in Illiopolis sends several ladies also.  We are blessed to be God’s hands and feet by serving others in Decatur as well as in our own hometown.